||1st Year Honours and General classes for the session 2017-'18 will commense  on and from 10.07.2017|| 2ND yEAR AND 3RD yEAR CLASSES WILL COMMENCE ON AND FROM 04.07.2017 ||M.Sc. ( Mathematics) and M.A.( English) classes will commence from 25-07-17 at PG campus||
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Campus Life and Support Services

Rabindranath Tagore once said that education should be free from all hindrances. Knowledge confined within a few pages of text books would fail to nurture a child in his voyage into humanism. Being contented with only what is essential is not the religion of man. To what extent are we confined to only what is necessary and to what extent are we free? Our bodies may be confined in to mere length of three hands. However, constructing a house of the same size won’‘t do. A lot of space is required for our convenience, or else our health and happiness will suffer. The same is also true of education. Confining a youth within a few pages of the text book will obviously obstruct his mind’‘s natural growth. Thus, along with syllabus - oriented education and knowledge, extracurricular activities for free learning is a must, else despite a man’‘s physical appearance and matured age, his manhood would never flourish.

Students Welfare

The office of the Students Welfare looks after the welfare of the students with active support from the elected representatives of the students, faculty and administration. A Student Counseling Service is available in the College campus. In case of any student requiring parental guidance, his/her parents will be informed accordingly.


There is a Students’‘ Union which caters to the students’‘ interests and promotes cultural and sports activities. The elections to the Students’‘ Union are conducted by the Election commission formed according to the constitution of the college.


 Discipline among students

 All powers relating to discipline and disciplinary action in relation to the students of the College are vested in the Principal. He may delegate all or any of his powers as he deems proper to any of the officers of the College specified by him.


 Ban on ragging on the campus

 Ragging, use of drugs, drug trafficking and eve teasing, which are criminal offences, are strictly forbidden in the College and persons found indulging in such activities will be subjected to strict disciplinary and other action in keeping with the law of the land. Indulging in any criminal activity within the College and any physical violence against fellow students will not be tolerated and will attract stern disciplinary action including rustication.


 Committee on violence against women and sexual harassment

 As suggested by the UGC, a Committee has been constituted with Principal, Women faculty members and Women students representatives of Students’‘ Union to address any issue regarding violence against women and sexual harassment.