||1st Year Honours and General classes for the session 2017-'18 will commense  on and from 10.07.2017|| 2ND yEAR AND 3RD yEAR CLASSES WILL COMMENCE ON AND FROM 04.07.2017 ||M.Sc. ( Mathematics) and M.A.( English) classes will commence from 25-07-17 at PG campus||
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Central Library


The College Library possesses a rich collection of books (including reference books) and journals the number of which is about 25,000. It has a good reading room for teachers and students. The Central Library has been partly computerized.

Membership  – Library lending cards will be issued within 15 (fifteen) days from the date of opening of new classes.


Services available


 a) Lending service.

b) Reference service.

c) Availability of different current journals.

d) Departmental library for Honours students.

e) Internet facilities.

f) Career guidance.


Issue of Books


 a)   Honours students will get 2 books at a time and students of General courses will get one book at a time.

b)   For reference purposes students will get books to read inside the Reading Room during library hours.


Seminar Library


Besides the central library, a complimentary library facility is also available. Every department has its own seminar library for needy and interested students. These departmental libraries have a rich and wide stock of relevant books provided to interested students free of charge. It is a home-lending and home-referral service, especially for needy students. The teachers of the departments have personally contributed books to this seminar library for the benefit of students. The seminar library is, therefore, enriched with reference and text books not only for classroom guidance but also for widen subject - oriented knowledge and professional knowledge.

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