||1st Year Honours and General classes for the session 2017-'18 will commense  on and from 10.07.2017|| 2ND yEAR AND 3RD yEAR CLASSES WILL COMMENCE ON AND FROM 04.07.2017 ||M.Sc. ( Mathematics) and M.A.( English) classes will commence from 25-07-17 at PG campus||
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Why Choose Us


Taking a Higher Education course is a big investment in your future, and you’‘ll want to be sure that you’‘re choosing the right course and the right institution for your Graduate and Post -graduate studies.


If you decide to come to Dum Dum Motijheel College, you can be confident that you’‘ll receive a first-class education with a focus on practical skills and professional relevance, giving you excellent prospects for employment and career development.


We are pleased that you are interested in attending the Dum Dum Motijheel College. As you evaluate various institutions, keep in mind the following reasons to choose our college.


Reputation for excellence


Our reputation for excellence is also evident in the national and state-wide recognition our graduate and post-graduate students achieve.


State-of-the-art learning environment


Although we have a rich heritage, we have constantly invested in improvements to our facilities, ensuring that you benefit from a state-of-the-art learning environment. You study in an environment as close as possible to the workplace, so you can apply what you learn in practical situations.


Faculty focused on excellence


Our faculty members are recognized researchers in their fields with Ph.D.s from the world’‘s leading universities. And our faculty are teachers in the best sense of the word. They share their real-life experience and commitment. Our faculty also give you their personal attention and help you develop an added edge for success in your careers. 




The College offers fantastic free studentship for full-time students. The Governing Body of the College grants free studentship to 10% of the total students and half fee-ship to another 10% of students.




The College has a benevolence fund and it offers financial assistance to needy and meritorious students (for academic purpose) from its benevolence fund, which is funded by DDMC Alumni Association, Shova Foundation and B. B. Datta Foundation.


This prestigious institution also offers scholarships to students belonging to poor sections (BPL) and ST/SC sections.


Outstanding Results


Our students achieve outstanding results and successfully progress to work and further study. Many go on to attain first class honours degrees at the West Bengal State University (WBSU).


Career advancement


We help you compete with the best in the job market. For students who need to build their professional career, the College along with Placement Cell offers ample opportunities for them after completion of their Graduation course. Once you graduate, you can use the myriad of career services for a life time at no cost. 


Our ‘‘live local go far’‘ ethos


Live at home, save money, plus have the support of your family and friends … all whilst studying for a degree. Many of our students find studying near home a very attractive option. They like the idea of being close to their family and friends with all the support and encouragement they offer - plus attending a local college also eliminates high accommodation and travel costs.




The college offers a wide range of worthwhile volunteering opportunities through joining NCC and NSS. We aim to help students find a project that suits their individual requirements, so whatever your interests you can enjoy the experience of serving society and helping others whilst gaining work experience, building self-confidence, making new friends and having fun.


Lush green eco-friendly campus


The College is in the city yet far from the busting crowds. Nestled amidst a lush green backdrop, Dum Dum Motijheel College provides an ideal getaway from the jungle of concrete, perfect to rejuvenate yourself to intensify your focus only in studies.