Departmental Profile

The Department of Geography started its journey as a general stream in the year 2002 and soon introduced the Honours Stream in the following year with the sole vision  to cater to the growing academic needs of specialisation.The Department from then onwards has only witnessed a rising number of students each year in both the Honours and General Streams and there is no looking back from then.It has the best of the best collections of various geographical books and Data Sheets in its Seminar Library for ready reference to the faculty members and students.Indeed each year the library of the college is being enriched with complimentary copies of the reference books that remain easy available to the students and teachers.The Department also provides basic instruments for practical works and supports three computers with the GIS Softwares .The Department has its personalised instrument for GPS tracking that has been proved to be useful during the field surveys.Each year, both the Honours and the General Stream are guided for a field study away from the four walls of the Department with the active participation of the teachers in order to get the actual hands-on experience of the application of theoretical study.It always remains to be a wonderful experience for both the students and teachers with further enrichment of the knowledge so far acquired by them.

The Department which runs in two shifts ;both Morning(Women) and Day (Co-educational)offers 3 years of B.Sc.(Honours and General )courses under the latest syllabi under the West Bengal State University from 2008 onwards.Prior to 2008, both the Honours and General Streams of the Department followed the Curriculum of University of Calcutta with equal ease.

The Department of Geography has successfully produced students who have already proved their marked abilities in manifold spheres of academic activities.Most of its students pursue Master degree after completing graduation,no doubt with flying colours, and proceed for  research. Many students of this department have successfully qualified in different employment related competitive examinations like SSC ,IPS and PSC and other miscellaneous services.Many of our students expertise in GIS software for which the opportunities in today’s world are many.They get placed in several corporate companies as area planners .

Lastly,the Department provides an excellent atmosphere for the student-teacher academic interaction.Each time such interaction not only make a student gainer of knowledge but also the teacher gets an opportunity to understand and re-understand the discipline at its depth.