Dum Dum Motijheel College was born with a dream to cater intellectual and cultural needs of pupils of the locality more than half a century ago in 1950. Civics/Political Science was taught since the beginning of this institution. The graduation course in Political Science, however, began in 1956 and in 1969 the Honours Course was opened for the students.


The Department of Political Science is a private space where the faculty members and the students of the Department interact for preparing themselves for optimum use of the public space for self and social development. The basic responsibility of the Department is dissemination of knowledge to the learners of different categories: the general students, the first generation learners, and students from the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes and Other Backward Classes. It also serves students not only of the adjacent areas but also of others States like, Bihar and the North-East, and country like Bangladesh.


Presently, there are two full-time and two guest faculty members in the Department. Beyond the board-work, the teachers and students are also engaged in assignment review and other academic exchanges outside the classroom. Besides teaching, the faculty members also take part in the corporate life of the College and the University as and when necessary.  


In spite of little infrastructure to carry on large-scale research on its own, the faculty members are engaged in research projects sponsored by the University Grants Commission, New Delhi. Since long, the Department has been organizing seminars and workshops in the college and invited renowned scholars for lectures on important issues. The teachers also participate in the state and national-level and international seminars and workshops time to time for updating themselves as well as enhancing the lecture quality in the classrooms.


Keeping in mind the duty of inspiring students for social research, the department already completed a survey on the minority Buddhist community residing in the vicinity of the College – Bandhabnagar, South Dum Dum. The teachers and students jointly conducted this field survey with printed interview schedules. It served threefold purposes: a) Knowing the society and its people, b) Accustoming with methodology of social research and c) finding out linkage between subject and social milieu.


With the assistance of the students, the Department did a socio-political documentation on Dum Dum – “Dum Dum at a Glance”. The department hopes that with sustained endeavour this documentation will be made updated for the use of the students and researchers in future. The Department also ponders over taking some other documentation projects if time and fund would be available besides academic assignments.


The faculty also tries to provide certain academic facilities to its students for better performance within college and outside, especially in availing job opportunity. In addition to the central library of the college, we have a small but rich departmental library for the use of Honours students and teachers including poor students of the department. 


Teaching now becomes a multifaceted exercise and it needs participation of all concerned. Teacher-Parents interaction is one such exercise that can not only reveal the individual requirements of the students but also help them to build the base of competitive attitude for successful career in future. So, the department always encourages Teacher-Parents meet. Moreover, teachers of the department extend academic and career counseling even during post-graduation and job-oriented competitive examination.

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