The Department of Journalism and Mass Communication started on August 2002 offering three years Bachelor Degree course with objectives to teach and contour the aspiring students to meet the challenges in the pasture of media industries and communication studies .Bachelor Degree Honours courses were offered from the year 2009. Over the past few years it has produced successful alumni who are well placed in media organizations in the state and outside acting as catalysts bringing changes in journalism. Many of them are also pursuing their research activities in various reputed media institutions within the country while others became media educators in this region. In a world where communication and media are one of the most sought careers, the department is committed to groom both students and teachers to be part of the worldwide media society by humanizing in Print Media, Electronic Media, New Media and other non journalistic communication available in the field of Public Relation, Advertising and Marketing. Considering the global media set-up and demand the department marches hand in hand in collaboration with other premier media institutions of the state. It provides the teachers and students the opportunity to exchange and share their individual ideas. Above all it aimed at producing good and responsible media personnel lending one’s ideas and knowledge in the spirit of free will by keeping communication culturally viable in both regional and global perspectives. The department witnesses opportunity for sharing one’s creative ideas. Equal weightage is assigned to theoretical aspects and practical training. Special training programmes are arranged by the department enabling students to learn directly in different reputed media organizations in order to provide them with the necessary exposure to various media practices. The infrastructure of the department consists of a Video Equipments, Audio Equipments, Computer Lab and screening facility.


The Honours students have a 100% success rate since its inception along with a large number of 1st class students.


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